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GISB strives to make the boarding facility a ‘Home away from home’. The school is a completely residential school wherein not only the students but also a predominant number of teaching staff stay on campus as well. This form of thinking is based on the premise of child psychology wherein a residential student is not psychologically perturbed by day boarding children frequenting in and out of the campus.
Separate blocks for boys and girls with affectionate and caring wardens for each block and a caretaker for every 3 children make it truly a home away from home. We respect individuality whilst not affecting social skills of a child. As such, children are neither placed in single rooms nor in huge halls but in spacious rooms with a ratio of 1 room for every 4 students. Students are provided with individual lockers wherein they may store their valuables.    
The students can also deposit any valuables with their house parents for a more secure safekeeping. The campus is completely secured by way of diligent security personnel and a round the clock CCTV surveillance.    
Students are provided with Laundry service wherein 2 to 3 times a week, students clothing are taken for laundry.    
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