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Whilst GISB is secularist in its principles and actions, nonetheless, we respect religious views of the many cultures that together constitute the GISB campus culture. Keeping this in mind, GISB has two mutually exclusive cafeterias on its campus. While the main cafeteria serves vegetarian food, the secondary (Newly Built) cafeteria addresses the food requirements of students who eat non-vegetarian food. In the interest of health and well-being, only non meat products such as poultry and fish are served to the children on campus.
The food offering is a mix of multiple cuisines including the famous Indian healthy ‘street snack’ delights that are served to students on certain evenings. Students are also taken out to pre-determined and tested eateries in the Bangalore city so as to taste the local cuisines as well.
Children are treated to a multi-cuisine, children friendly & healthy breakfast-all monitored by an expert team of nutritionists and dieticians. Children are served with snacks and natural health drinks / juices / milk when they return back to their dorms after classes. The children are offered a large variety of scrumptious dishes to choose from for lunch and dinner, all served by our loving and enthusiastic chefs.
The students are also given the choice of bringing permitted snacks from visits to their homes/guardian visits. Students may also avail certain of these snacks through our on campus ‘Tuck shop’ order mechanism, wherein the quantities of certain snacks are restriced in the interest of the child.
Nutrition and Diet @ GISB
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