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Extra & Co-Curricular activities at GISB
“A sound body leads to a sound mind” & keeping this in mind, activities such as yoga, pranayama, meditation, morning nature walks, trekking and drills are incorporated as a part of the curriculum to provide a broad and balanced education. Professional training in Karate, swimming, tennis, basketball, football, shuttle, volleyball and host of other sports is provided to the children. In a continued quest to impart practical education, Gitanjali strives in training and exposing young minds through educational tours, cultural tours, camps, leadership programmes, international interactions, cultural meets, athletic meets, creative workshops, writing workshops and so on. Again, all these are conducted by special and trained persons to bring out the best in your child
Of the Four weekends in a month, children are taken for field trips and adventure camps, for at least two of these weekends. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to take their children out for shopping / sightseeing on the second Saturday of every month. If the parent/Guardian is not able to do so, then we shall facilitate the same through our house parents. On other weekends, students are encouraged to develop their various skills through activities such as talent shows, bonfire nights, group discussions, amongst many others.

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